Faculty Publications

Historical Ethnomusicology

Jon McCollum has been named editor of a new series on historical ethnomusicology with Roman & Littlefield publishers. As one of leading experts on historical ethnomusicology, McCollum will be charged with signing and publishing a corpus of related books on ethnomusicology with the press. McCollum’s recently published book, Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology, which has recently moved to paperback, will ground the series.

Practicing Pedagogy

Bridget Bunten and Ryan Kelty are the co-editors of Risk-Taking in Higher Education: The Importance of Negotiating Intellectual Challenge in the College Classroom, which was released by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers at the end of March. They are also the co-authors of three of the volume’s chapters: “Introduction: The Importance and Challenge of Risk-Taking in Higher Education,” (ch. 3) “Falling Through the Looking Glass: Personalizing Privilege to Foster Understanding of the Social Nature of Stratification,” and “Conclusion: The Risk-Taking Imperative.”  They are pleased that Aaron Krochmal and his colleague Timothy C. Roth, II co-authored chapter 7 “From Comfort to Confidence: Modeling Science as a Process of Risk-Taking in the Classroom.” They are also grateful to Emily Chamlee-Wright for writing the Foreword.

Lyric Essays

James Hall’s new book of lyric personal essays, I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well, has just been published by Cleveland State University.  The book won the press’s Essay Collection Award, selected by Chris Kraus.

International Security 

Andrew Oros was pleased to see his second single-authored book, Japan’s Security Renaissance: New Policies and Politics for the 21st Century, published by Columbia University Press in January.  He also presented a paper at a workshop on “New Directions in Japan’s Security Policies” at Osaka University in January, and served as the external reviewer for the politics program external program review at Marymount University in Virginia.