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Cater Society of Junior Fellows


Spring 2020 Schedule

January 30 (7pm):

  • Felicia Attor - Analyzing the quality and accessibility of healthcare in Thailand under the Universal Coverage Scheme
  • Yisi Liu - Comparative study of the development of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data innovation between South Korea and other centers in Asia and North America

February 13th (7pm):

  • Saoirse - Quantum Santeria
  • Nicole Certesio - Exploring the effects of the private sector in Cuba

February 27th (7pm):

  • New Member Induction Ceremony
  • Felicia Attor - Analyzing the accessibility of primary healthcare in Cuba
  • Douglas Kurtz - The effect of anthropogenic climate change on the Cape Romano nesting beaches of Caretta caretta in the Ten Thousand Islands Naples, FL

March 19th (7pm):

  • Madeline Haslam - Using decision science to understand neuroethical judgements and bias
  • Jessie Ngo - The state of mental health in Cuba
  • Yue Sun - Entrepreneurship in Singapore
  • Gaviota Hernández-Quiñones - LGBT+ Revolutions: Structural homophobia and transphobia in Cuba

April 2nd (7pm):

  • Felicia Attor - Synthesis of flavonoids for anti-aging research
  • Samantha Howell - Climate change in the marketplace
  • Lauren Frick - Cuban musicians