Cater Society of Junior Fellows

Faculty: Cater Society Seminar Grant

This program builds on the work of the Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows by providing funding for faculty members who engage in highly interactive, face-to-face work with Cater Society Junior Fellows on research and other creative and/or scholarly endeavors outside of the classroom setting. The program provides support to faculty in the form of stipends and funds to offset costs associated with travel and/or materials.  If you are working closely with a Junior Fellow on archival research, lab research, field research, or creative/academic writing for presentation, exhibition, performance or publication, you are eligible to apply for these funds.

The Cater Seminar Program, which funds only faculty, is separate and distinct from the Cater Society of Junior Fellows, which funds only students who are members of the Cater Society. This program is also distinct from the existing Dean’s Collaborative Grants.  Cater Seminar Program funds are provided to support faculty members who are working with Junior Fellows, and none of the funding from this program can support the student. 

What Kinds of Projects Can Be Funded by the Cater Seminar Program?

Eligible faculty members may each apply for up to $1300.00/project from the Cater Seminar Program to fund any well-conceived scholarly/creative work conducted with Cater Society Junior Fellows including research, conference presentation, or co-authorship. There must be demonstrable learning outcomes for the Junior Fellow who collaborates with the faculty member.  For example, Cater Seminar Awards may be used:

  • to fund a faculty member who engages a Junior Fellow in data collection in the field.
  • to fund a faculty member who engages a Junior Fellow in the creation or production of an artistic work, composition, performance or exhibition.
  • to fund a faculty member who engages in archival work with a Junior Fellow, or who engages a Junior Fellow in the research process for an article or book.
  • to fund collaborative research in a professor’s laboratory or at other research centers.
  • to fund a faculty member who engages in a collaborative research project with a Junior Fellow during the summer or winter short-term courses.
  • to fund the faculty member to travel to conferences to deliver papers or posters that involve the Junior Fellow as an author or co-author.
  • In summary, the Cater Seminar projects can involve a wide variety of creative/scholarly research opportunities that provide sound learning outcomes and offer a key role to a Cater Society Junior Fellow.
What Can the Funds Be Used For?

The Cater Seminar Program can provide faculty with any of the following:

  • A $300/week stipend of up to $1300 total to compensate the faculty member for his/her time working with the Junior Fellow.
  • Travel for a faculty member to engage in co-research at another location or co-present at a conference with a Junior Fellow.
  • Funds to cover or offset the cost of materials or equipment needed by the faculty member to conduct the collaborative research with a Junior Fellow.
How Much Funding is Available?

The Cater Seminar Program endowment currently provides an average annual spend-out rate of approximately $15,000 (the actual annual amount fluctuates based on investment performance).  Funding is competitively awarded based on the clarity of the project goals, project feasibility and significance, and demonstrable learning outcomes for the Junior Fellow(s) involved. Faculty can apply for multiple awards in a given academic year if they are working on different projects that involve Junior Fellows.  We anticipate being able to fund 10-15 Cater Seminar Projects this year.

How Do I Apply? 

Applications for these funds can be found on the right column on this page under the link to “Download Grant Application.”  These awards are processed and awarded on a competitive basis by the Cater Society Advisory Board. 

What is the Deadline for Applications, and Where Do I Submit? 

The March 2rd, 2018.  Please email your application directly to the Curator, Aaron Lampman at