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Cater Society of Junior Fellows

Become a Member

Twice a year students meeting the criteria for membership are elected to the Society by an Advisory Council, comprising the Associate Dean, the Associate Dean of Students, the Chairs of the three Divisions (or their designates), the Curator, and the student President of the Society.

Criteria for Membership

  1. The successful completion of three semesters at Washington College or their equivalent.
  2. A cumulative G.P.A. of 3.6 or better.
  3. The candidate should have either completed the Distribution Requirements or be within one semester of doing so.
  4. Evidence of participation in, or leadership of, such student activities as student government or community outreach (here you may include college and high school activities).
  5. Good standing by way of the Washington College Honor Code.
  6. Three recommendations: one from your academic adviser, and two from other faculty members who are familiar with your academic work.

To retain membership in the Society, all members must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5, regularly attend meetings of the Society, and remain in good standing with the Washington College Honor Board.

Completed applications should be submitted to Bari Lynne Kersey, Toll N117, by the deadline indicated on the application. The student is responsible both for submitting the original application form and ensuring that all supporting documents are submitted as required. Application forms are available from the Society’s Curator, Austin Lobo, Associate Professor of Computer Science, or from Program Administrator Bari Lynne Kersey, Toll N117.