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Cater Society of Junior Fellows

Become a Member

Categories of Membership in the Douglass Cater Society 

  • Junior Fellows are full members of the Society with the right to apply for competitive grants to support academic activities. One can apply to become a Junior Fellow after completing three semesters at Washington College (or the equivalent).  See more below.
  • Apprentices are not full members of the Society, but intensively engage with the society in their sophomore year in order to learn the goals and objectives of the society.  One can apply to become an Apprentice only in the first semester of the sophomore year.  See more below.
  • For application deadlines and forms, please click on “Deadlines, Forms and Downloads” in the left-hand column.

The Junior Fellows Program

The Junior Fellows Program is an academic enrichment program for well-rounded and high-achieving students at Washington College.  The goal is to create a collegium of students motivated to reach beyond classroom performance by supporting independent and collaborative research projects and internships.  By sharing their research findings at meetings, the Junior Fellows will foster a “companionship of learning limited only by the imagination.”  

Junior Fellows are eligible for grants to fund independent or collaborative research domestically or abroad.  Junior Fellows are required to attend bi-weekly meetings to hear research findings from fellow students.  They are expected to mentor Apprentices, and hold workshops focused on grant writing, public speaking, and publication of research.  Members of the Society are active contributors to the intellectual, ethical and social life of the College and are required to maintain a high G.P.A. and the highest standards of the Washington College Honor Code.

Criteria for Junior Fellow Membership

  1. The successful completion of three semesters at Washington College or their equivalent.
  2. A cumulative G.P.A. of 3.6 or better.
  3. The candidate should have either completed the Distribution Requirements or be within one semester of doing so.
  4. Evidence of participation in, or leadership of, such student activities as student government or community outreach (here you may include college and high school activities).
  5. Good standing by way of the Washington College Honor Code.
  6. Two recommendations: These should be from faculty members who are familiar with your academic work.

To retain membership in the Society, all members must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5, regularly attend meetings of the Society, and remain in good standing with the Washington College Honor Board.

The Cater Apprentices Program

The Cater Apprentices Program is an enrichment program for well-rounded and high-achieving first-semester sophomores.  The goal is to nurture rising sophomores intellectually during their third and fourth semesters at Washington College so that they may eventually seek admission to the Society of Junior Fellows with well-developed familiarity with its ideals and purpose.

Apprentices are required to attend the bi-weekly meetings of the CSJF to learn from the experience and example of the regular members.  Apprentices will be assigned a mentor from the CSJF who will encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities and engage in a CSJF-funded project designed and carried out by a Junior Fellow.  Apprentices are not eligible for grant funding.

Criteria for Cater Apprenticeship

  1. Apprenticeship is only open to full-time rising sophomore students who have completed two semesters at Washington College.
  2. A cumulative G.P.A. of 3.6 or better.
  3. Good standing by way of the Washington College Honor Code.
  4. Evidence of participation in, or leadership of, student activities, student government of community outreach.

The Application Process 

Each spring semester, students meeting the criteria for Junior Fellow membership are elected by an Advisory Council comprised of the Associate Dean, the Associate Dean of Students, the Chairs of the three Divisions (or their designates), the Curator, and the student President of the Society.  Find the application forms and deadlines under “Forms and Downloads.”

Each fall semester, students meeting the criteria for Apprenticeship in the Society of Junior Fellows are elected by the same Advisory Council.  Find the application forms under “Forms and Downloads.”

Completed applications should be submitted to Bari Lynne Kersey, Toll N117, by the deadline indicated on the website. The student is responsible both for submitting the original application form and ensuring that all supporting documents are submitted as required. Application forms are available on this website under “Deadlines, Forms and Downloads.”  You can also obtain forms from the Society’s Curator, Aaron Lampman, Associate Professor of Anthropology, or from Program Administrator Bari Lynne Kersey, Toll N117.