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Clear Thinking and Clear Questions for a Complicated World

Question, Analyze, Create 

Philosophy — traditionally at the center of the liberal arts — asks some of the most difficult and searching questions about human existence, the nature of the universe, right and wrong in human conduct, and the basis of our social and political arrangements.

In so doing, it gives the mind leeway to doubt, analyze, criticize, and create. Philosophy by nature tends not to generate textbook answers. It can aid in putting questions on the nature of oneself, life, and reality into coherent and nuanced perspectives. 

Our classes typically enroll 5 to 20 students and are known throughout the school for offering rigorous training in careful reading, clear writing, precision explanation, and reflective assessment.

We do not just prepare you for a ‘job.' Philosophy and Religion scholars learn to exercise good judgement and live life well in whatever they do. As a result, our grads go into dozens of professions, equipped to create a life of purpose and interest.

Philosophy also enhances and prepares you for excellence in any other major offered at WC. Our majors often combine philosophy with another program such as English, psychology, business, economics, political science, drama, math, chemistry, environmental sciences, and humanities.