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Japanese Music Ensemble

Japanese Music Ensemble

By the Edo period (1603-1868), three instruments had emerged from various directions to become popular among the Japanese people. The koto (琴), a 13-string zither, the shamisen (三味線), a 3-string lute banjo, and the shakuhachi (尺八), a Zen Buddhist bamboo flute. In this ensemble, students are introduced to these instruments, have the opportunity to research, write about, and learn how to perform on an instrument of the student’s choice. Students also learn the unique notation systems of each instrument, as well as gain a deep understanding of Japanese traditional arts in relation to the social, ideological, and cultural development of Japanese traditional aesthetics.

Students 1) learn the value of passing on cultural intangible properties to the future, 2) critique both historical and current trends in traditional music in general, and 3) reflect on the development and importance of traditional culture in modern society.

This course offers students 1 credit. Though helpful, no musical experience is required for this course.

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