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Clarence Hodson Prize

Clarence Hodson Prize

The Clarence Hodson Prize was established in 2003 through a bequest from Margaret Hodson Black, a second cousin, once removed, of Colonel Clarence Hodson, the founder of the Beneficial Loan Society (later known as the Beneficial Corporation). The inaugural prize was awarded in 2006.

It is the aim of The Clarence Hodson Prize to reward creativity, initiative and intellectual curiosity with a competitive grant to support an internship, undergraduate research project, or other form of study anywhere in the world. Requiring a grade point average of 3.4 or better (the equivalent of Dean’s List), the Prize (estimated at $2,500, but determined annually by the College’s endowment spending policy) is offered to a sophomore, junior, or senior majoring in the fine or performing arts, with a preference to a student majoring in music, who has achieved distinction among Washington College’s top scholars. To receive consideration, applicants are expected to prepare a well-crafted proposal to be considered by a committee comprised of the chairs of art, drama, and music (with the chair of the Department of Music chairing the committee).

Proposals must be submitted to Jon McCollum, Chair, Department of Music, on the approved form no later than 4:00 PM on Monday, November 26, 2018. An award will be made by Monday, December 3, 2018. A comprehensive written report will be due to Dr. McCollum within 30 days of the conclusion of the learning experience.


2006-07 | Patricia Keaton (Music)

2008-09 | Karen Hye (Art)

2008-09 | Rebekah Herbold (Music)

2010-11 | Aaron Selestok (Music)

2010-11 | Darby Hewes (Art)

2011-12 | Benjamin de Seingalt (Drama)

2013-14 | Meagan Symes (Music)

2014-15 | Richard Grouser (Music) 

2015-16 | Lorenz Iversen (Music) 

2016-17 | Heidi Butler (Music)                 Jordana Qi (Music)