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The McCabe Program & Internship Opportunities

The McCabe Program & Internship Opportunities

The McCabe Program is a living memorial to the work of Monsignor Richard E. McCabe. 

A critical entity of the Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture, the McCabe Program was founded with the mission of continuing Father McCabe’s community outreach. 

The Program has 3 components: Service Programs, Academic Initiatives, and Internship Opportunities.

Service Programs

The McCabe program organizes a number of student service programs in areas that were dear to the life and work of Msgr. McCabe. These programs include:

  • Students activities that meet local housing needs
  • Prison Educational Outreach 

Currently, additional initiatives are being planned in furtherance of serving the common good. 


Academic Initiatives

In addition to its community service, the McCabe Program sponsors academic reflections and symposia  on the contributions of religious faith to the public good. 


Internship Opportunities

The McCabe Program has created a number of distinctive internship opportunities for Washington College students. Each internship takes place in Washington, D.C., and interns work in important positions gaining valuable real world experience. Opportunities are available in the fall, spring, and summer. Areas of concentration include the following:

  • Public Education
  • Communications
  • Poverty and hunger
  • Housing for the disadvantaged 

Interns are competitively selected. Contact Institute Director Dr. Joseph Prud’homme for more information.