Secondary Education Studies Minor

The minor in Secondary Education Studies offers students the opportunity to enhance their major studies and, through exposure to the philosophies and practical application of Education, be prepared to take on the challenges of their chosen educative profession. The minor also helps students gain awareness of how people work and learn - and helps students communicate clearly and effectively in the 21st-century world.

The Secondary Education Studies minor is for students who might be interested in teaching but who do not want to complete a full-time teaching internship.  Students interested in non-traditional teaching, other school-based careers (guidance counselor or school psychologist), graduate school, or other people-oriented careers can benefit from this minor. Students interested in pursuing alternative teaching certification after graduation can also benefit.

Students planning on pursuing teacher certification while at Washington College should note that this minor on its own is not sufficient for certification. Students who wish to teach middle school or high school are encouraged to consider applying for the Secondary Teacher Certification Program.

Human Development majors are not eligible for a minor in Secondary Education Studies.

Note that students must complete 2 of the 4 required courses and a field experience through Washington College in order to complete the minor.

Please use the checklist document below as a guide in course planning.