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Internship Resources

Internship Resources

Forms, Handbooks and Standards

Internship Resources and Forms

Teacher Education Technology Checklist: All teacher certification candidates must meet the MSDE technology standards. Use this form as a self-assessment of your technology skills. The following skills should be met as part of your journey at Washington College. Please meet with your advisor if you are not making progress toward the standards by the end of your sophomore year.

EDU 211-214 Field Experience Website: Use this PDS Classroom website to guide your early field experience journey as you make the commitment to the teaching field.

PDS Classroom- a WC Partnership PDS Classroom for the partnership between Washington College and Kent and Queen Anne’s County Public Schools. You will need to be assigned a user name and password for this site.

The following early field experience forms can also be accessed through the PDS Classroom Site:

Applying to become an intern: Use the following application materials when applying for the 100-day teaching certification internship during the fall semester of your junior year.

ETS Website: Use this link to access Praxis I and II testing information and to register to take the exams.

MDK12: Use this link to access the Maryland State Curriculum and instructional resources.

Internship Assessment Forms

Secondary forms, including a Semester 1 feedback form, Semester 2 weekly feedback form, and Semester 2 formal EDoT form, can be found in the shared mentor Google folder.


Lesson Feedback Form - Mentor and College Supervisor: Use this form to provide formative written feedback on lessons throughout the 100-day internship.

Elementary Evaluation Form - Mentor: Use this form to assess your intern four times during the 100-day internship.

Elementary Self-Assessment Form- Intern: Use this form as a formal self-assessment of your experience at the end of each 100-day internship semester.

Portfolio Assessment Forms


Secondary Portfolio Assessment Forms can be found in the shared mentor Google folder during Semester 2.

Portfolio Assessment Form- College Supervisor: Use this form to assess the internship portfolio as a part of the student’s Senior Capstone Experience

Action Research Assessment Form- College Supervisor: Use this form to assess the intern’s action research project as part of the student’s Senior Capstone Experience.

Handbooks and Standards

Elementary Mentor Handbook: This handbook outlines the general guidelines and procedures to follow as an elementary internship mentor.

The Secondary Mentor Teacher Handbook can be found in the shared mentor Google folder.

Teacher Certification Handbook: This handbook outlines certification guidelines and procedures for all Professional Development School interns.

Elementary Internship Handbook - Interns: Along with a course syllabus and semester calendar, this handbook outlines the guidelines and procedures to follow as an elementary pre-service intern.

Essential Dimensions of Teaching (EDOTs): These Maryland state standards frame the design of the certification program.

MSDE Technology Standards Checklist: These Maryland state standards list the technology skills that all certified teachers must develop.

Curriculum Tools

All teacher education candidates must align lesson plans to the Maryland State Curriculum objectives. The following links will take you to the necessary curriculum guides.

Maryland has also recently adopted the Common Core State Standards. Teacher education candidates should note the Common Core State Curriculum Frameworks on each of the pages above.

Technology Standards

All teacher candidates must demonstrate technology proficiency. Use the following PDF checklist to self-assess your technology skills.

The Maryland Technology Consortium has developed Maryland Teacher Technology Standards, “technology outcomes and indicators that all teacher candidates will need to achieve.”

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