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    Push the boundaries.

    Welcome to the Earth and Planetary Science program! We offer earth and planetary science as an interdisciplinary minor.

    The study of earth and planetary science helps you understand processes that form and modify the Earth and other planets in the solar system. Our curriculum introduces a wide range of topics, from surface phenomena such as weather and climate, to the Earth’s internal composition and dynamics.

    Transcending the boundaries of traditional geological studies, our program focuses on the way large Earth systems-such as the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere-interact and evolve. We also emphasize the fundamental physical and chemical laws that govern the cycling of matter and energy on Earth. Together, these complementary approaches provide you with a comprehensive view of the planet’s origin and evolution, as well as an enlightened appreciation for the forces at work in our natural environment.

    Video Feature

    Karl Kehm, Associate Professor of Physics and Environmental Studies, directs the earth and planetary science minor. Check out his lecture, The Biography of Earth.