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The Chemistry Minor

Whether you are a Biology, Business Administration or even a Theatre major, the chemistry minor is a great way to advance your understanding of chemistry and broaden your career opportunities after graduation!

The Chemistry Minor

Washington College students have the opportunity to minor in chemistry by completing six courses in chemistry. This includes four required courses at the introductory and intermediate levels, plus two advanced electives. Recent chemistry minors have majored in Biology, Economics, Business Administration, Environmental Science, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, and Theatre.

Please note, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) majors are not permitted to minor in chemistry due to overlap in the major and minor requirements.

Academic Requirements for the Chemistry Minor:

  • CHE 120 Chemical Principles of Organic Molecules
  • CHE 140 Reactions of Organic Molecules 
  • CHE 220 Quantitative Chemical Analysis 
  • CHE 240 Chemistry of the Elements
  • Two CHE electives at the 200-level or above.

Examples of regularly offered electives for the chemistry minor include:

  • CHE 210 Environmental Chemistry
  • CHE 294 Art in the Anthropocene
  • CHE 303 Chemistry of Biological Compounds
  • CHE 309 Biochemistry 
  • CHE 310 Green and Sustainable Chemistry
  • CHE 320 Intro to Medicinal Chemistry

To declare a minor in chemistry, please contact one of the Chemistry Department Co-Chairs: Dr. Aaron Amick or Dr. James Lipchock.