Your First Year


Before you step foot in your first class, it helps to know the basics. 

During orientation we’ll cover everything you need to know about being a student here so that when classes start, you and your classmates will be ready to hit the ground running. 

Inside the Classroom

You wouldn’t have been accepted to Washington College if we didn’t think you could handle the academics. But during orientation, we’ll help you better understand the expectations that faculty have for you and acquaint you with all of the academic support services like the Writing Center, the Office of Academic Skills, the Quantitative Skills Center, and the Library and Academic Technology.

Outside the Classroom

Orientation is your first real glimpse of what your life is like when you’re not in classes. Getting involved in clubs and organizations is easy at Washington College and the annual Club Fair, normally held during the first several weeks of the semester, is an exciting event that fills Martha Washington Square with the sights and sounds of student involvement.

And Everything in Between

Making connections and friends in your Peer Mentor group and on your hall is the first step to creating your new network. Orientation allows you to get to know your fellow students, your academic advisor, and a host of others who are here to help you make the transition.