Your First Year

Registration and Payment Information

Registration for Orientation Explore Programs will open June 1.

All participants will receive a placement email by July 6.

All notification will occur by email and it will ONLY be sent to your Washington College email address.

Orientation Explore Program Fees and Payment Deadlines

The Orientation Explore Program is included in the First-Year Orientation fee; it also includes housing, meals, program supplies, and evening events. There is no additional fee to participate.

All billing responsibilities must be settled by Tuesday, August 7, 2018 for participation in Orientation Explore programs.

Registration Timeline

June 1
Orientation Explore registration goes live

June 28
Orientation Explore registration closes

July 6
Notification of placement in Orientation Explore programs, students will be notified via their Washington College email

July 20
Deadline to accept placement in assigned Orientation Explore programs

August 7
Payment due for Orientation

August 18
Students participating in Orientation Explore move into their residence halls

August 19
Orientation Explore programs begin!

For those students on a program waitlist, you will receive notification of an opening by July 27th. All placements must be confirmed via email. 

Questions regarding Orientation Explore Programs should be directed to the Special Projects Office, 410-778-6587.