Your First Year

Land and Sea Adventure

Eastern Shore Exploration


The Chester River provides an array of activities for individuals to enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Shore. The four-day adventure begins with an Eastern Shore delicacy. Crabbing has been an essential part of the Eastern Shore lifestyle for hundreds of years and now students get to experience the thrill of the catch! You’ll learn how to dip, steam, and
pick this Eastern Shore delicacy. Teaming up with Eastern Shore native and Washington College alum Brant Nordhoff ’07, students will travel to the town of Rock Hall for a day of crabbing, steaming, and picking, a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The afternoon will be spent exploring Eastern Neck Island National Wildlife Refuge, keep your eyes open for a chance to see bald eagles and osprey. 


Enjoying the taste of dry land on Monday, students will travel to Go Ape! at Lums Pond State Park. Your group will be equipped with harnesses, pulleys and carabineers, and given a 30 minute safety training and then let loose into the forest canopy, free to swing through the trees. Of course, instructors are
always on hand, regularly patrolling the forest. The course is made up of five individual sections, each section taking you higher into the forest canopy and finishing with a zip line more exciting than the previous one! There are 40 crossings/obstacles which include, rope ladders, net bridges, tarzan swings and 5 zip lines. For those who might find the ground more enticing, you can stand below and cheer on the group! After lunch, we will head back to explore one of Kent County’s public beaches. 


You will set out on the College’s wakeboarding boat to benefit from the thrills and spills of the Chester River. You can try tubing, wakeboarding, or waterskiing. For those not looking to get wet, a separate boat will cast off allowing students to find the fishing hot spot for the day, before enjoying a final cruise down the Chester River.


Finally, you will complete your outdoor adventures with a kayaking trip where you will explore the beautiful Eastern Shore wildlife and ecosystems of the Chester River. Choose either a single or double kayak and set sail (or paddle)! One last land adventure will take place before the trip concludes exploring Chino Farms a 5,000 acre farm and home of the College’s Chester River Field Research Station. This day is the ultimate conclusion to the Washington College’s Land and Sea Eastern Shore Adventure.