Your First Year

Orientation Service

“I Love This Place!”

First Year Students arrive at Washington College eager to get connected on campus and in the Chestertown community.  We are happy to support and facilitate this goal through a community service-oriented program. This exciting opportunity is designed to connect students with you, our fellow community members through service projects.  

We are seeking manageable service projects suitable for groups of 15 students to complete within a two-hour period. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate and / or refer people or programs that need support.

Sample service project ideas to clean up, repair, clear out, make someone’s day:

  • People to people service — children, students, adults, senior citizens
  • Physical labor (simple skills) to repair fences, home projects, lawns and gardens
  • Educational—storytelling; reading; activities; tutoring; conversations
  • Environmental—trail cleanup, restoration, preserve habitat, animal care
  • Support healthy activities / recreation
  • Food collection, sorting, distribution

Service project recipients must provide tools and materials for the projects.  Students will have attire and gloves appropriate for work.

Individuals may request for themselves or for others by describing the potential project.

Nonprofit organizations may request a project to support or enhance their missions.

Qualifications for individuals receiving a student service work group:

  • Adults (over age 65) and/or disabled (according to Social Security or your employer) and/or living in a household with minor children. 

Apply for this opportunity (coming soon)

  • Complete our online form  or
  • Download form and mail to:

    Washington College “I Love This Place”
    Student Affairs
    300 Washington Ave. 
    Chestertown, Maryland, 21620


Contact Laura Johnstone Wilson at; 410-778-6587.