Your First Year

Course Descriptions

First Year Seminar logoFall 2019 FYS courses
FYS 101-10  Close to the Edge: Hip Hop Turns 40

Prof. Sufia Abdur-Rahman, English

FYS 101-11  Feminism and the #MeToo Movement

Prof. Jennifer Benson, Philosophy

FYS 101-12  Consider the Tree

Prof. Benjamin Tilghman, Art & Art History

FYS 101-13  Horror Films and Society

Prof. Alicia Kozma, Communication and Media Studies

FYS 101-14  Monsters, Aliens and Superheroes: Pop Culture and Evolution

Prof. Martin Connaughton, Biology

FYS 101-15  Storytelling

Prof. Dale Daigle, Communication and Media Studies

FYS 101-16  Psychology’s Replication Crisis

Prof. Michael Dooley, Psychology

FYS 101-17  Schools on Film

Prof. Sara Clarke-Vivier, Education

FYS 101-18  Becoming a Citizen Leader

Prof. Michael Harvey, Business Management

FYS 101-19  Jane Austen and Fan Culture

Prof. Katherine Charles, English

FYS 101-20  Ethics and Profits in Globalized Medicine

Prof. James Lipchock, Chemistry

FYS 101-21  Food, People, and the Planet

Prof. Bill Schindler, Anthropology

FYS 101-22  The Ethics of Humanitarianism

Prof. Carrie Reiling, Political Science

FYS 101-23  Genius

Prof. Emerald Stacy, Mathematics & Computer Science

FYS 101-24  Enemies, Terror, and Paranoia

Prof. Clayton Black, History

FYS 101-25  The Science of Reality TV

Prof. Rebecca Fox, Environmental Science and Studies

FYS 101-26  Liberation

Prof. Emily Steinmetz, Anthropology

FYS 101-27  Becoming a Citizen Leader

Prof. Michael Harvey, Business Management

FYS 101-32  Writing Communities

Prof. John Boyd, Education