Your First Year

Orientation Explore

Register for Explore Programs Starting April 2nd!


You will be given a specific schedule for your Orientation Explore program upon arriving to campus.

Orientation Explore offers an exciting start to your first year at Washington College. Gain valuable skills, get a jump-start on getting involved on campus, and meet other students with similar interests.

Registration for all Orientation Explore programs is not yet open

Washington College encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any accommodation, please contact Maggie Harris, Disability Access Specialist at, or call 410-810-5799.


Early bird registration is from March 25-April 1. To qualify for early registration, we must receive your deposit by March 1.

Regular registration opens April 2 and closes June 28. Trip space is limited so we recommend signing up early! Notification about program placement will be before July 6th

Trip Cost?

The Orientation Explore programs will be included as a kick-start to your overall orientation experience here at Washington College. There is no fee for participating in this program.

Variety of Programs

We strive to make our programs diverse and unique to our student body. We will be offering over 30 trips this summer that range from exploring Washington D.C., to kayaking, outdoor education, and sailing on the Chester River. Individual program descriptions will be updated regularly.

Questions? Call Laura Johnstone Wilson, Special Projects Coordinator, at 410-778-6587 or email


  • car mechanics Car Basics 

    Get working with your hands and learn one of the most useful skills with understanding the mechanics of a car. 

  • studio artDiscover Your Future & Natural Talents

    Explore beautiful Kent County in this unique restorative art program that encourages free self-expression through painting, drawing, modeling and reflective activities.

  • student

    Experience Kent County-Eastern Shore Style

    Get to know the Eastern Shore by traveling the waterways to discover the culture of the area and new aspects of yourself. 

  • Exploring the Waterways

    Explore the pristine rivers, creeks, and streams of Maryland’s Eastern Shore with your fellow students on this three-day kayak program.


  • In the Footsteps of GW

    We’ll follow George Washington’s life and work from Mt. Vernon to DC and Chestertown to understand his legacy as a soldier, a farmer, an entrepreneur, a leader, and a citizen.

  • dodgeball Indoor Games & Activities

    Start your semester off strong with indoor sports such as tennis, basketball, dodgeball, and other great activities.

  • Land and Sea Adventure

    Experience the outdoors with crabbing, a challenge course, wakeboarding, fishing, and an array of watersports.

  • Maker Bootcamp in IDEAWORKS

    Learn about tools and trends in the Maker Community and get your hands on the 3D printers, laser cutter, and more!  

  • Permaculture

    Create a healthy and productive relationship with the natural world through ecological design.

  • Sail the Sultana

    Explore history on the water in an exciting and scenic three-day sailing adventure aboard the Royal Navy Schooner HMS Sultana.

  • Self Defense & Safety

    Learn how to defend yourself and use helpful safety tips against danger in a fun and fulfilling way with other First-Year Students.

  • shore and sports logoShore & Sports

    From Crabbing and Wakeboarding to Badminton and Ultimate frisbee, get a head-start on trying out some of our fun recreational offerings here at Washington college

  • sustainSustainability at WAC and Beyond!

    Spend 3 days learning about the state of sustainability on campus and in the surrounding community!  Visit a recycling facility, a solar array, and a stormwater pond.

  • Top Chef

    Want to learn how to cook delicious meals in your dorm room? Chefs from WAC and Camp Pecometh will help you create, serve, and enjoy your own dishes, with a cook-off on the last day!

  • WACked Out Service: Habitat for Humanity

    Get a jump start on community service at WAC by working as a team to support the vitality of the local community. 

  • Chesapeake Semester Crash Course

    Explore the environment by kayak and spend an evening camping. Catch crabs with watermen, visit the Maritime Museum and a National Wildlife Refuge. 


    Visit the 911 Center, Rescue Squad, Hospital, MSP Helicopter, Chesapeake College’s EMS Program, and become CPR & AED certified.

  • Experience the Chester River- Live on It!

    Live aboard a skipjack and enjoy fishing, swimming, exploring remote shorelines, cooking and eating local crabs.

  • Filmmaking Boot Camp

    Learn filmmaking as you explore storytelling from documentary, experimental, and narrative perspectives.

  • native american headress  Indian Life & Lore

    Learn about indigenous culture and experience it hands-on. Visit the NMAI in DC, discover what is important to modern, local tribes and participate in an indigenous ceremony.

  • Sculpture in Chestertown

    Kent County: A Space to Create

    Enjoy performances, creative workshops and studio tours as you explore Chestertown’s Arts & Entertainment District and other arts venues around Kent County.

  • Let’s Play: Washington College

    Roleplaying games, board games, trading card games, and even video games! Meet others with similar interests. No experience necessary.

  • murals Mural Arts

    Access your inner street artist and be apart of making Washington College a more beautiful place with participating in the painting of an on campus Mural! 


    Plugged In

    Explore the evolution of media from print to the palm of your hand through workshops, case studies, and trips to NPR Headquarters and the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

  • secret history program logo

    Sleuths on the Shore

    Explore historic towns around the college while you work behind the scenes in a museum by the beach. Learn how curators leverage 21st century tech to share the treasures of museums.

  • WAC sailboats Set Sail for College

    College is the perfect time to learn new skills. Learn to sail and experience all the Eastern Shore has to offer without the drone of a motor. This program is designed for all levels.


    Shore Fit

    Learn to navigate the health and wellness community of Chestertown. Energize the start of the school year with fitness—SUP yoga to group exercise and more.

  • womens marchThe Revolution Begins!

    “Be the change you want to see.” Learn how you can make a difference in Chestertown through your interest in the law, social justice, politics, and equity and inclusion work.

  • Underground Railroad

    Travel the path from slavery to freedom in this living history immersion experience. We’ll visit the Harriet Tubman State Park, and gather supplies to retrace a route of the Underground Railroad. 

  • cardboard boat race Whatever Floats Your Boat!

    Join a WAC student tradition and be ready for all the fun and prizes by building a sea-worthy vessel using only cardboard, duct tape, glue, caulk and paint!