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WACked Out Service: Habitat for Humanity

WACked Out Service: Habitat for Humanity

“Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” ~ George Washington

Join a team. Serve your community. Be happy. Sounds pretty simple, right?

We’re pretty big fans of what George had to say around here, and WACked Out Service is here to start you out right on the path to happiness by getting you involved in some hands-on service work in the local community. You’ll meet your new neighbors and fellow community members, work alongside your new classmates, and build connections to your new home in ways that will make a lasting difference for years to come.  This year’s mission possible… to build community with Habitat for Humanity.

Get your hands dirty. Add a little elbow grease. Mix in a little sweat. It’s all for a good cause.

Community service work can be a dirty job, and volunteers (like you) are a vital part of getting the job done. You’ll be working in ways that you might not have had experience with before – like using a drill to help rebuild a wheelchair ramp for a disabled veteran, or painting the trim of a new front porch for an elderly couple, or installing siding on the new home of a single mom and her kids —and we’ll teach you how to do all of it.

Make new friends. Go new places. Have fun while working. Be happy. (See what we did there?)

Yes, we know that it sounds crazy, but believe us when we say that George DID know what he was talking about. Service work is very rewarding, in and of itself, but it’s also a ton of fun to meet new people, go new places, and know that you are an essential part of a larger community. You’ll be making everyday people’s lives richer, fuller, and happier with your work, and that will inevitably make you pretty happy in the process.

Work Details


There is no “I” in “challenge course.”

Before we get down and dirty with some service work, we need to do a little “getting to know you” work as a group. We’ll spend the day at Echo Hill Outdoor School learning to work together with your new team and group leaders to problem-solve, conquer obstacles, and achieve personal and group goals.  We’ll also do some exploring of local fun places and take a tour of the Chester River on the College’s research vessel, the Callinectes!


It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up!

On Tuesday morning, we’ll be heading out into the community to begin work with a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate to build homes in partnership with families in need.  Construction is a dirty job, but many hands make light work, and you’ll be amazed at what we can get done in a day!

Want to know more about what Habitat for Humanity International does?  Check them out here.  (Hint: there will be a test later.)


There’s a reason why we call it “service-learning.”

Did you do your Habitat homework?  It’s time for a pop quiz, as we head to the worksite on Wednesday!  Do you know how many nails go into building a Habitat for Humanity home?  (You’ll probably have a good guess because you’ll have been adding to that count all day.)  How about how many “sweat equity” hours a partner family contributes to the cause of Habitat for Humanity?  This is a great time to learn about the work of one of the world’s largest philanthropies, and how you will be contributing to that work.

And, YAY, for more construction!  You all are ready to go pro now, with your mad hammer skills.  Three days isn’t a lot of time, but we hope that you will leave us with new friends, and new ideas about how you can make a difference in your new home.  Last question… did you know that Washington College has a Habitat for Humanity Club?  If you enjoy your work with us, maybe you should think about joining them for future adventures!