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Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad

Monday: Introduction

We’ll travel to Dorchester County to start our experience at a church with connections to the Underground Railroad (UGRR), and worship with descendants of Harriet Tubman. Then we’ll visit the newly-opened Harriet Tubman State Park, and meet with National Park Service and local historians. The day will finish with a tour of some of the sites on the county’s UGRR Byway.

Tuesday: Trail to Freedom, Kayak Tour

For a different perspective on the UGRR, this portion of our program will enlighten students on the journey that enslaved people might have taken by water and their inspiring stories of love, faith, family and their road to freedom. 

Wednesday: Slavery and Freedom Immersion Experience

In the morning we’ll drive to Caroline County and spend the day learning about slave life, foodways, and survival methods. We’ll have a scavenger hunt to gather supplies needed for the Underground journey. Beginning at dusk, we’ll travel through fields and forests, along streams and dirt roads, following Harriet Tubman’s path to freedom.

About the Program Leader

Anthony Cohen is a nationally known expert on the Underground Railroad best known for recreating the freedom journey of his great-uncle, walking 1,200 miles from Maryland to Canada in 1996. He is the founder and president of the Menare Foundation, a national non-profit, “Preserving the Legacy of the Underground Railroad,” and operates the Button Farm Living History Center, a forty-acre farm depicting 1850s plantation life in Maryland.