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Top Chef

Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy” -Julia Child

Looking forward to college, but worried you’ll get bored with your food or you’ll starve from not having enough? Then look no further than the Top Chef Explore! program! Washington College chefs, will teach you different techniques on how to prepare delicious food right from your dorm as well as how to make healthy choices in the dining hall! During the first cooking class, you will learn how to cook foods using just a microwave. The second cooking class will focus on how to use the dorm room kitchen to make more complex foods to impress all of your new friends! On the last day, you will team up and participate in a Quickfire Challenge where you get to use your new found skills to impress the chefs! 

Not only will you learn new ways to cook food, you will also get to enjoy the fun activities in and around Chestertown. We hope you will join us for this tasty and fun-filled program! 

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Day One:

Join us for a team-building event at Echo Hill Outdoor School’s Challenge Course. The facilitators will take you through fun games and team problem solving activities, and then you will move through to our high elements in the trees. This is a time to learn all about your group - it truly is a great way to make new friends! We will get acquainted with the College kitchen in the afternoon.

Day Two: 

On day two we will move into our cooking portion of the program. You will learn how to prepare different foods; our hope is that you will easily be able to be replicated these food items in your own dorm. Then after lunch, we go crabbing and celebrate with ice cream!

Day Three: On day three the cooking portion will focus on the quick fire cook off! Each small group will prepare food to impress the judges. Finally at the end of our day, we will walk to our waterfront to enjoy the Chester River and some light kayaking.