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Shore Fit

Learn to navigate the health and wellness community of Chestertown. You’ll get to explore the area and find ways to stay healthy and fit through college. Together, we’ll learn to create healthy meals in the dining hall, participate in Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga, go Zip-lining on a high ropes course, do HIIT and energizing fitness classes, relax with Yoga and guided meditation, visit nearby U-Pick farms, and more. Energize the start of the school year with fitness and wellness!

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Day 1: Monday

On day 1, we will explore fitness and wellness options on campus and in Chestertown. We’ll start the day with team-building, an energizing exercise, a tour of the fitness facilities and options on campus, and then we’ll look at healthy eating options on campus, visiting with the dining hall staff. In the afternoon, we’ll take a short walk through Chestertown and explore the Chester River and Radcliffe Creek by kayak, and then end the day with a guided meditation.

Day 2: Tuesday

On Monday, we’ll start the morning with a run or walking adventure on the Chestertown Rail Trail, and then we’ll leave campus for a Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Adventure with Capital SUP. Then, we’ll have lunch in Annapolis, and make our way back to campus after visiting a nearby U-Pick farm and exploring local fresh food options.

Day 3: Wednesday

On Tuesday, we’ll challenge ourselves individually and as a team by working through a high ropes course in Delaware, finishing with zip-lining. We’ll finish our Orientation Explore journey together with a yoga class on campus.