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Place and People

The Center for Environment & Society (CES) at Washington College offers innovative curriculum, real-world experiences, and training in cutting-edge technologies by expanding student opportunities outside the classroom. 


This three day trip will provide an overview of some of the unique opportunities students have with the Center for Environment & Society through internships and more at the Chester River Field Research Station, the Chester River Watershed Observatory, and Chesapeake Semester


We’ll kick off the first day at the college’s boathouse, hop in kayaks and head off to explore the Chester River.

After lunch, we will head to Chino Farms (10 minutes south of campus), to set up camp for an evening exploring the land, cooking dinner over a fire and sleeping under the stars (or in tents, your choice). We encourage you to pack your own sleeping bag and tent if you own one. 

Kayaking on the Chester



Bird Banding An early start at Chino Farms, we will spend time with one of CES’s Field Ecologists banding birds at the Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory, and explore the restored Grasslands.

We will spend the afternoon on the Chester River on the college’s 46 ft research vessel, the Callinectes learning about some of the technology used to explore the health of the river. Who knows, we might stumble upon a shipwreck! 


We will begin our day by exploring Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, keep your eyes out for Bald Eagle and Osprey sightings. We will finish our trip at Echo Hill Outdoor School, where we will put our new friendships to the test and participate in teambuilding exercises. 

Team Building Exercise