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Apply ecology. Design a resilient world. Experience the Eastern Shore Food Lab.

Cooling off in the Chesapeake Bay at Rock Hall.

Become a participant with nature. Get your hands in the dirt, learn how to grow food sustainably, create wildlife habitat, and move toward a zero-waste society. Your immersive experience will introduce you to horticulture, foraging, fermentation, beekeeping, composting, and farms and people involved in the local food and environmental movement. Get ready for field excursions, film screenings, and discussions of social and ecological justice.  


SUNDAY, 8/18

Lavender flowers at Calico Fields

Meet your fellow permaculturists.

We’ll kick things off with a tour of the campus garden, the hotbed of permaculture design on campus.

Learn basic botany through the fruit trees, berry bushes, and nut grove at the campus garden. Identify ecological patterns as you climb up to the living roof, watch the honeybees drink from the pond, and forage for wild groundcovers.

Observe and interact with our edible campus on the way to the evening student life activities.

MONDAY, 8/19 A native bee on lavender blossoms

Use and value diversity. Hike along the Sassafras River and the wilderness and butterfly trails of Eastern Neck Island. Go swimming by sunset on a small beach in Rock Hall. 

TUESDAY, 8/20 Aronia berries ready for harvest

Use renewable resources. Go behind the scenes of the campus recycling program. Try your hand at creating compost.

Obtain a yield. Have a picnic lunch at a lakeside farm while learning about pollinators and ecological agriculture. 

Apply self-regulation and accept feedback. Explore the managed aquatic ecosystems of Unicorn Lake. 

Catch and store energy. Fermentation workshop in the Eastern Shore Food Lab! Learn to how to make yogurt, cheese, kefir, kombucha, and sauerkraut. Make dinner from scratch and watch a permaculture film.


Use small and slow solutions. Help harvest veggies by hand at a CSA that supplies local food to the community. 

Produce no waste. Tour a bakery working to become a zero-waste model for Chestertown. 

Integrate rather than segregate. Join another group for a Permablitz at the campus garden! Implement edible landscaping, construct outdoor features, and prepare for fall planting!

Design from pattern to details. Watch a documentary that articulates concepts encountered along our journey, and reflect on your relationship with nature.