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Let’s Play: Washington College

Let’s Play: Washington College

Learn great new games. Become part of a welcoming community.

What could be better than games? WIGS, the campus gaming club, is offering a pre-orientation program where you get to play games and make new friends. Whether you’re a gamer or just always wished you could play that one game all your friends know, this is the program for you. It’s a no-pressure, no slogging-through-the-out-of-doors experience with a bunch of people who want to have fun and make sure you do too.

Our insanely gigantic collection is at your fingertips, and there is almost certainly something for everyone. Like strategy? We’ve got 2 kinds of Risk (one of which has dragons), classic games galore, and plenty you’ve never heard of (Coup, Pushfight, Power Grid, Seven Wonders, the list goes on). Card games your thing? We’ve got Magic on lock. Maybe you’re a roleplayer? We have way more than just Dungeons & Dragons. And if all of that sounds foreign to you?! Trust us. It’s awesome. Just come play.



Meet the party. No need for icebreakers when you’ve got games! On the first day, the club members who welcome you will be teaching their favorite board games, so try something new to you, or join a table with a game you already know and love!

Gape in awe at our ridiculous collection of board games, roleplaying books, and Magic cards. Pick out something you want to try, grab some of your fellow preorient-ers, and have a great time.


Delve deep. The most rewarding games ask for you to put a little in to get the most out. On Monday our club members will be teaching Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, and League of Legends (bring your laptop, earbuds, and a mouse!). The games are titans of their respective genres for a reason, and best played with a group of like-minded friends.

No pressure. We’re not about rigid schedules and required reading here. Our whole collection of games are always open to you, and you’re always welcome to grab a group and do your own thing if what we’re up to isn’t your jam.


Now it’s getting good. If you liked Monday’s intro to one of our “deeper” games, here’s a chance for more. The D&D character you made the day before gets to set out on a bigger adventure, and the club member teaching Magic will be running a draft—a kind of mini tournament, complete with prizes, where you build your deck on the fly from random packs of cards. League players unlock new champions and check out new game modes.

Still more to see. You can’t have tried everything yet. There’s so many small gems in our collection—grab a group of friends and have fun exploring the weird and awesome games that don’t get enough love.

We hope you come play with us!