Experience the Chester River - Live On It!

Three days and three nights aboard the Skipjack Elsworth and Buyboat Annie D.

Always had that unquenchable thirst for exploration? Experience living legacies of Maryland history while navigating the Chester River with Echo Hill Outdoor School (EHOS) on their historic wooden workboats. This three day, three-night expedition, led by captains who have spent their lives on the Chester River, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in Kent County’s culture. Spend your days fishing, crabbing, meeting local watermen, swimming, and exploring the ecology of rural coastlines along the Chester River. Imagine yourself picking steamed crabs on deck as the sun sinks below the horizon, then falling asleep under the stars.

Built in 1957, the Buy-boat Annie D purchased oysters from Chesapeake watermen and transported them to the shucking houses of the Eastern Shore. The Skipjack Elsworth, built in 1901, commercially dredged oysters under the power of sail for over 90 years, testifying to the integrity of oystering as a lifestyle and industry on the Chesapeake and its many tributaries.

EHOS provides all food and beverages. Students are required to bring a sleeping bag or summer bedroll. Detailed packing list, as well as mandatory health and registration forms available from EHOS for interested participants.


To register for this program please complete the online registration form here.

Meet the Team

Eric Botti

Betsy McCrown

Required Forms

Echo Hill Outdoor School Medical Form- 18 and older

Echo Hill Outdoor School Medical form- Under 18

Additional Information:

Washington College Health Form

Echo Hill Outdoor School Clothing and Equipment List

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