Kohl Gallery

Liminal States - Evolving Boundaries

Student artists worked across disciplines in a fluid manner, merging traditional techniques with New Media and incorporating painting, installation, video, animation, sculpture, sound and photography.

“‘Liminal States-Evolving Boundaries’ combines works by eleven artists exploring physical and conceptual states of passage and transition. While some of the artists focus on the body and its biologically and socially fragile envelope, others explore its physical and mental limits, or the visually anthropomorphic qualities of animal body,

“Science becomes a point of reference in some of the new media work, while abstraction is once again redefined through the discussion of embodiment. Artists in this exhibition invite the viewer to experience journey and change as a form of meditation, dealing with time and loss while also exploring personal geographies and revisiting ancient cultures and their lost relationship with nature, Internal and external spaces are being examined as a continuous negotiation between the place and the self through mapping out inner and outer territories of experience.” 

-Monika Weiss, Exhibition Curator.