Kohl Gallery


Timothy Nohe’s work engages traditional and electronic media in civic life and public places. His practice has been focused upon sustainability and place, and musical and video works for dance and live performance.  His show at Kohl in many ways marks a new direction as he departs from a typically more image-based practice to consider the ways that voltages might produce abstractions.  The resulting works are resonant of past traditions, from color field to Pop, even as they emerge from an interrogation of various media.  A number of the works on display call for audience interaction, such an investment in the active engagement of his beholder long characteristic of the artist’s work.  

Nohe is the founding Director of the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Research in the Arts (CIRCA) and a tenured Professor of Visual Arts at UMBC. In addition, he was an Artist in Residence at the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University from 2011 – 2014, where he was granted and renewed in the rank of Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2011 – 2015). He also currently serves on the editorial board of the international journal, Unlikely, which is based in Melbourne, Australia. The recipient of a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award from the Australian - American Fulbright Commission in 2006, Nohe went on to receive the Commission’s 2011 Fulbright Alumni Initiative Grant, which resulted in multiple exhibitions in the United States and Australia on view from 2012 - 2016. Nohe has also been the recipient of multiple other awards and honors including five Maryland State Arts Council Awards, a Creative Baltimore Award, a 2011 National Endowment for the Arts and William G. Baker Fund “Our Town Project - Creative Placemaking” grant, and a 2015 Warnock Foundation grant. Nohe has exhibited and performed his work in a range of national and international venues and was commissioned as an exhibiting artist for Light City 2017, Baltimore. His contribution, Electron Drawing, will be on display in the gallery.