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Johnson Fitness Center

General Fitness Programs

Muscle Building- If your goal is to build muscle then this is the workout for you! You will notice a host of pyramid rep ranges, high volume, along with short to moderate rest times. Be sure to increase your weights where applicable and chart your progress to see tangible results!

For the Muscle Building program click here!


Strength Building- In order to build strength you must have certain exercise variables present in your workouts. You will find these exact components in this sample “Strength Builder” workout program. You will find low to moderate reps with a longer rest time. This is conducive for maximizing strength gains, while also increasing lean muscle mass.

For the Strength Building program click here!


Fat Loss- If your goal is weight loss, then this workout program will certainly help you reach that goal! Filled with full body movements, higher rep ranges and short rest times, this workout will boost your metabolic rate and keep your body burning calories hours after you’ve left the gym. Be sure to keep the rest times as short as possible and perform supersets, tri-sets and circuits as prescribed to maximize results!

 For the Fat Loss program click here!


Cardio- If you are in need of a cardio workout, or just want to mix up your normal routine, choose from any of the 6 cardio options provided below. These cardio workouts are not for only one piece of equipment either! Treadmill, bike and elliptical options are all included! Whether you use this as a warm up, finisher, or the workout itself- each option will provide you with an incredible metabolic burn.

For the Cardio program click here!