Garden Survey

With the creation of the Campus Garden Special Interest Group, a spring 2015 survey showed the experience and interest of student gardeners.

Download Spring 2015 Survey - PDF

Please visit the Campus Garden Facebook Page for upcoming events, starting Sunday, March 22.

 Spring 2015 Campus Garden Survey

Survey Comments

  • My thesis is on organic/sustainable agriculture.
  • I am Co-President of KAO, the new environmental honor society, and would be excited about coordinating events and volunteer time for the society in the campus garden.
  • There’s not really enough room for sheep or whatnot, is there?
  • This is awesome!
  • Unfortunately I am graduating this semester but feel that this is an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about domesticated wildlife and help the local community.
  • I would be really excited to do this, I literally was thinking about starting this but didn’t know how.
  • I would love to get involved in the garden! I have experience with using vegetable gardens with educating elementary age students.
  • :)
  • I really don’t have a whole lot of experience, but I am willing to learn!
  • I can also spin and knit wool
  • When would this be implemented?? I’m a senior and I’d really love to see this happen if at all possible!
  • I’d really be interested in learning how to bee keep and am also really interested in the worm farming! I think they could be really unique and fun attributes to the campus garden and to Washington College! (Plus you could sell honey and worm compost/fertilizer!)
  • We need more bees!