Campus Garden Internship

The Campus Garden Intern directs projects and research in the garden in accordance with permaculture principles.

The campus garden internship includes a mentoring and teaching component about gardening skills, permaculture methods, ecological design, and campus and community relations. In addition, interns practice a level of independence and collaboration with supervisors to develop a work plan and adhere to their identified mission for the garden. Students may apply for the internship in spring through the Center for Enviornment & Society.

Internship Topics

Aquaponics; community organizing; composting; field trips to aspirational gardens and farms; food justice; gardening skills; permaculture; preservation; symbiotic relationships.

Internship Mission

  • Enrich and empower the Washington College students and Chestertown community with the events and food preparations that take place at the garden.
  • Educate the community about how knowing where one’s food comes from is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop the relationship between Washington College Dining Services and the campus garden.