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Profiles Instructions


The alumni and students widgets reference blurbs that are located in the WC: Profiles group, in order to sort them by tag. Otherwise, there is no functional difference between these and the other profiles widgets.

Currently the Students and Alumni Widgets will only work in their own groups, i.e. you can’t put a group of English alumni on an office page unless you have also tagged the alumni with that offices name.

Faces Profiles (people stripe)

a. Faculty Faces (profile widget)
b. Staff Faces (profile widget)
c. Alumni Faces (blurb widget)
d. Student Faces (blurb widget)
e. Profiles Stream (combines all Faces Widgets)

We are calling these “Faces widgets” because of the large image display— these widgets will show the profile image only and in the case of students and alumni they also show the graduating year.

The names of the people will show on hover when used in the page-bottom people stripe and will always show as an overlay when used in the main body.

When placed in the page-bottom people stripe the widgets will show a maximum of 14 images.

You may also put these widgets in the top main area of the page and the profiles will appear in rows or stacked depending on the space available.

Live Examples

View the page-bottom people stripe in the Department of English.

The Widget Gallery show various staff Faces widgets in the sidebar area.

Below: A staff Faces widget shows the how it will appear when in the main content of the page.

  • Laura Johnstone Wilson
    Laura Johnstone Wilson, Director Of Campus Events
  • Carol Landis
    Carol Landis, Campus Event Coordinator
  • Miles Garrett
    Miles Garrett, Assistant To The President
  • Joseph Holt ’83 M’98
    Joseph Holt ’83 M’98, Chief Of Staff
  • Annie Coleman
    Annie Coleman, Executive Assistant To The President
  • Jack S. “Jay” Griswold
    Jack S. “Jay” Griswold, Interim President of Washington College


Basic Profiles

a. Meet the Faculty (profiles widget)
b. Meet the Staff (profiles widget)
c. Meet Our Students (blurb widget)
d. Meet Our Alumni (blurb widget)

This is the smaller and more basic version of the profiles widget.  These show a 100x150 image with the profile name and title to the right. This is the profile widget that will probably be used most often.  This widget has also been optimized to work in various areas of the page.

Live Examples

The Widget Gallery show various staff Faces widgets in the sidebar area.

Below: View how the English faculty appear when used in the main content of the page.