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Training - Lynda.com

Lynda.com Online Training Videos

Lynda.com is an online training library with detailed videos from professionals on how to use a variety of different software solutions. These videos are broken into easy to manage sections, allowing users to drill down to a specific topic and get the answers they need quickly. This service can be accessed 24/7/365 by students, faculty, and staff. The video library contains everything from using the Microsoft Office Suite, to Adobe Products, to using your iPhone or iPad. This information is at your fingertips, so get started today.

How To Register With Lynda.com

Registration is easy. Start by visiting the Registration Page and enter your Washington College Email to register. Lynda.com will send you an email with more information on setting up your account. You do not need to use your Washington College password.

Now What?

Once you register, you can visit Lynda.com directly anytime, anywhere, and access your account to view all of the available videos in the Lynda.com library. There are also Mobile Apps that allow you to view Lynda.com on your iOS and/or Android device.

Key Advantages

Lynda.com offers distinct advantages over traditional training resources including:

  • On demand training provides you with the exact course of study when you need it
  • Video tutorials with work files allow you to follow along with each task as it’s demonstarted
  • Professionally led by experts at the top of their fields
  • Segmented tutorials allow access to specific tasks within each topic, allowing learners to get help while in the midst of a project
  • Access for as much time is necessary to complete your course of study with no cost to the learner

Need Help

If you have any questions about registering or logining into lynda.com, please contact the HelpDesk at ext. 7777.