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Office of Information Technologies

Page under construction, more to come!
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) encompasses all technology and communication on campus.  We provide administrative and telecommunications support to aid the college community in achieving their goals of providing and receiving the best education possible while seamlessly using the tools of technology.


Due to the fire at 515 Washington Avenue-the OIT team has been placed at various locations on campus.

Scott Cowdrey, CIO is located in William Smith, room 112.  Infrastructure, telecomm and engineering are located in Smith room 8. Dave Barr is located in Office 7A. Administrative Computing is located in the seminar room in the JLFC. Acquisitions and the Office Manager are located in the orange WT trailer between William Smith and Miller Library.

We appreciate the patience that campus has afforded to us during this time. when we have established a new location, we will post the details.

All orders, issues, concerns should be directed to the Help Desk page. Where you can submit a help desk ticket.

Help Desk is located in the basement of William Smith. 

 Exit Interviews: Please email sdavis2@washcoll.edu at the time you give notice. We will schedule your exit from the college. If you have devices signed out, please allow 30-45 minutes for this process. To complete the exit process for your email and voicemail, enter a help desk ticket.