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Office of Information Technologies

Computer Giveaway Helpful Tips

Congratulations on your “new” computer. OIT is glad that one of our machines can be a part of your home. To help get you started with discounted or free software and more, we have put together a list of possible resources for you.

Free Software


Open Office - a free, open-source productivity package that is compatible with Microsoft Office and includes applications for word processing (Word,) spreadsheets (Excel,) and presentations (PowerPoint.) 

Microsoft Security Essentials - provides basic antivirus protection for Windows PCs which will keep you safe on the Internet.

Firefox - a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari, that provides a faster, more stable browsing experience. Since it’s always good to have two browsers, Firefox is a great choice. 

iTunes - the defacto standard for music and video management on both Windows and the Mac. Use it to sync iPods and purchase media from the iTunes Store, too. 

AIM - helps you stay connected with family and friends using instant messaging. Send text, files, audio, pictures and even video with AIM. 


Software Discounts 

e-Academy - Microsoft makes it possible to purchase Office for far less than retail - usually hundreds of dollars less! Take advantage of steep discounts with only your WC email address.