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Blackboard, Version 9, is available for posting course materials and communicating with students.

Key features of Blackboard 9 include:

  • Customizable through simple drag and drop – “Web 2.0 experience”
  • Allow students to communicate easily through blogs and journals
  • Connect to students where they already are via Facebook integration
  • Begin integrating content created with Moodle LMS
  • Engage with students on the go with new iPhone/iPod touch app
  • Allow for creation of private iTunes U sites and more with new tools

Which Browser?

Blackboard 9 relies heavily on some advanced web browsing technologies. It’s therefore crucial to make sure your browser is compatible with Blackboard. Usually this is done by ensuring that you have installed all of the latest updates to both the browswer itself and any related plugins.

Ensure you are running the latest browser in one of two ways. For Internet Explorer and Safari, run your Software Updates by clicking the Apple Logo > Software Update… on the Mac or Start > All Programs > Windows Update on the PC. You can always download the latest version of Firefox below:


Blackboard 9 also makes use of Java content for many of its elements. For the best Blackboard experience, be sure you are running the newest version of Java by following the link below:

Download Java


Some problems have quick fixes - check below to see if the troubleshooting section has an answer to your problem.

I can’t access the Blackboard server.

Can you access any other internet sites, such as Yahoo or Google? If not, you may need to fix your internet connection.

Are you sure you’re going to the correct web address? Click on the link below to make certain:


Are you getting any messages from your browser or the server, such as internal server error or no server found? There may be a problem with the server - contact the HelpDesk.


I can’t log in to Blackboard.

  1. Are you using your current NetID and password? Don’t forget that changing your email password will also change your Blackboard passsword.
  2. Are you typing the information correctly, especially paying attention to upper and lower case letters? The password information is case-sensitive.

I can login, but I don’t see a link to my course.

  1. If you’re an instructor, contact the HelpDesk or the Blackboard administrator.
  2. If you’re a student, check and make sure your professor is using Blackboard, and that they’ve set the course status to available. If all these conditions are met, and you still don’t see your course, contact the HelpDesk or the Blackboard administrator.