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Office of Information Technologies

Beck Multimedia & Technology Learning Center

With configurable furniture and six presentation screens augmented by theater sound, Beck can become exactly the space you need.


Collaborate. Beck Learning Center is the perfect collaboration space for your next class. Or lab. Even your conversation hour. Take advantage of this innovative, flexible space.

Conference. Did you know that we can do video and audio conferences for your classes in Beck? With iChat, Skype, Google Hangout and conference phones, it’s easy.

Connect. Engage with your students by immersing them in media. French language TV, student created video projects, musical scores in surround sound - all in Beck.

About Beck

Beck is a full-featured collaborative learning space located on the Lower Level of the Miller Library. Having 25 MacBook Pro Notebooks with 15” displays Beck comfortably seats 25 adults with standing room for up to 40.

The center offers faculty, staff and students a place to experiment with emerging technologies while also serving as a flexible teaching space for class workshops, presentations and more.

Open lab hours

Open Lab Hours are offered in Beck from 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm, every Monday. Bring your multimedia projects or technology tasks for one-on-one help with staff experts.