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Offices & Services

Wellness and Prevention Education

Sexual Assault Response

If you, or someone you know, is a survivor of rape or sexual assault, the following offices can assist in providing a private, safe and supportive space to talk, an opportunity to understand options for on-campus and off-campus reporting procedures, and assist in addressing other campus concerns for the survivor.


The college’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinator will inform complainants, at a minimum, of the options of the internal complaint process, availability of confidential counseling, addressing concerns about physical safety, possibility of alternative housing assignments, and academic alternatives.

Director of Wellness and Prevention Education/ Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Lauren Gibson

Public Safety
Local Emergency, Police, Fire and Ambulance
9-911 (From an on campus phone)
911 (From an off campus/cell phone)
The following offices offer confidential counseling services and health care. These offices can also provide a safe and supportive space to talk as well as an opportunity to understand options for on-campus and off-campus reporting procedures.

Counseling Service
Dr. Miranda Altman

Health Services
Lisa Marx

Community Resources

For All Seasons, Inc. Sexual Assault Crisis Center

This is a free 24-hour confidential service that provides crisis and on-going counseling and support to survivors. Advocates are available to meet survivors at the hospital and support them during any time spent at the hospital.

There are two area hospitals that have sexual assault response programs in place. Forensic Nurse Examiners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide confidential medical examination, STI and pregnancy prophylactics. The programs work in conjunction with For All Seasons, Inc. to provide advocacy support to victims. Chester River Hospital Center and the Memorial Hospital at Easton has a Sexual Assault Response Team program that includes Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, advocates and a Jane Doe reporting option. (Jane Doe reporting allows survivors to have a complete Rape Kit without informing law enforcement.) In addition, they also offer STI and STD testing and prophylactic treatment for all patients. The emergency room staff will work with any survivor to ensure the best possible care during a hospital visit.

  • Chester River Hospital Center, 410-778-3300 - located adjacent to Washington College
  • Memorial Hospital in Easton, Maryland, 410-822-1000