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Student Guidelines

What Responsibility does the Student have to the Mentor?

As a young adult, the Student also shares responsibility for the success of the Student/Mentor relationship:

  • Meet together and agree on the best way to communicate - perhaps phone calls and/or emails and text messages.  Tell the mentor what form of communication you prefer and learn their preferences.   But remember that many older Americans like telephone calls and personal communication and they may think that short text messages or emails are rude and unfriendly.
  • If the relationship is not working for you – discuss your feelings with your Mentor and explain how s/he can help you.
  • Stay in touch with your Mentor

Be courteous:

  • inform your Mentor if your plans change and you cannot make an appointment
  • return telephone calls, emails and text messages from your Mentor
  • do not bring friends to a meeting or event with your Mentor without first checking
  • be on time for meetings and appointments
  • remember to send a “Thank You” note to your Mentor after s/he has included you in a family occasion or another event – even if the note is only by email or text from your cellphone


  • Reach out to your Mentor and invite her/him to share parts of your life at Washington College – perhaps invite your Mentor to an on-campus event or to share a coffee of meal in the dining hall
  • f you feel comfortable, you might offer to cook a typical meal of your national cuisine at your Mentor’s house
  • Find ways to explain and share your culture and values with the Mentor and his/her family and friends.

Should the Student Expect the Mentor to Provide Transportation or Housing?

Not at all!   But most Mentors and Students enjoy local travel together to visit and experience the best attractions that present life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Mentor’s will usually offer to drive.

May the Student Invite the Mentor onto Campus?

Yes.  Washington College and the WC-ALL International Student Mentoring Program encourage  the Student to invite the Mentor to share activities on campus.  For example the Student and Mentor might have coffee or a meal together in the Dining Hall; attend a sports event; go to a lecture; or a cultural activity such as a film, play, poetry reading or lecture.

May the Student Bring Friends Along when Invited Out by the Mentor?

Only with prior permission.  You must ask permission before bringing a friend.   This is important because the Mentor may have limited space in his/her house or car or may not be willing to pay for more than the Student.   If you don’t feel comfortable going alone, explain that to your Mentor or WC-ALL Coordinator prior to the meeting.