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Academy of Lifelong Learning

Program Guidelines

The Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning has adopted the following “WC-ALL Mentor Program Mentor Guidelines:”

  • The Student and the Mentor will arrange the frequency, duration, and location of your meetings; and, the meetings should only take place where the Student feels comfortable.
  • In an early conversation, the Student and the Mentor will agree on the goals for the mentoring relationship.  The Mentor and the Student will, of course, spend much of their time together getting to know each other and building trust, but the needs that triggered the relationship should be kept in mind.
  • The mentoring relationship can be as short or as long as the Student and the Mentor wish it to be.  At whatever point the Student and the Mentor agree to terminate their relationship, they should advise both the Programs’ Mentor Coordinator and the Student (“Mentee”) Coordinator.
  • The Student/Mentor relationship is a special one. Both the student and mentor may share information that shouldn’t be shared with other people and friends. This enables the building of trust, and ensuring that private information is kept confidential.  Students and Mentors both need to know that in situations where a Student (“Mentee”) expresses plans to hurt him/herself or another person; if there has been physical/sexual/emotional abuse; or other issues that affect the student’s physical/mental health the Mentor needs to disclose that information to Washington College. The Global Education Office, Health Services Office, Student Affairs, and/or Public Safety are all appropriate offices to contact if a Student shares this type of information.
  • Both the Student and the Mentor should feel free to contact the Mentor Coordinator and the Student (“Mentee”) Coordinator at any time for advice, assistance, or any other reason.