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Transportation Services

Safe Ride

Safe Ride is a student-run organization that provides free, safe transportation to Washington College students from Chestertown back onto campus.

The Safe Ride program at Washington College has been operating as a free service for students run by your fellow peers. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night Safe Ride provides students with a safe alternative to get back to campus without having to walk or drive themselves. Safe Ride protects Washington College students from potential physical or verbal harassment from non-students. The program has also shown a reduction in the complaints from the town, since students are no longer trespassing on private property on their way back to campus. This program has facilitated a more cordial relationship between the college and the town as it continues to grow.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday-Saturday                        10:30pm-2:30am

To utilize these services, please call the number 410-810-RIDE

For frequent updates and notifications, follow us on twitter @RIDEWAC


Sho’Men Shuttle

As of May 2014, the Kent Crossing Shuttle is no longer in service. The Shoremen Shuttle will be replacing this service. This provides students with a means of transportation in the evening to and from the Kent Crossing Apartments.

The Sho’men Shuttle hours of operation are as follows:

Sunday-Thursday                        8:00pm-12:00am
Friday-Saturday                        9:00pm-1:00am