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Renting a Campus Vehicle

Interested in renting a campus vehicle?  Here’s the information you’ll need to know…


Who may drive/rent vehicles?

Vehicles may only be rented by faculty and staff for use on school related activities.  Personal use of vehicles is not allowed.

The college vans may be driven by all registered campus drivers (students, faculty and staff).  Campus buses may only be driven by registered faculty and staff. Interested in becoming a registered driver?  Go to our Becoming a Registered Campus Driver page for more information.

The college has 6 drivers on staff who may be hired to drive for various events. Any department interested in hiring a driver is responsible for making all necessary arrangements.  To receive contact information for these drivers, please contact Sarah Crump, the Transportation Secretary, at scrump2@washcoll.edu or 410-778-7838.


What vehicles are available for rental?

The college has five vans and two buses that are regularly available for rental on a first come, first served basis.  Vans will hold 6 passengers and 1 driver.  Buses will hold 14 passengers and 1 driver.

How much does it cost to rent a vehicle?

The only charge for using a campus vehicle is gas.  Upon your return, Buildings and Grounds will refill the gas tank and bill your department with the cost of the gas.


When can I pick up a rented vehicle?

Vehicles may be picked up at the day and time specified when making the reservation and not before.  If you are departing early in the morning, you may pick up keys the day before—this does not mean that you may take the vehicle at that time. Each vehicle has multiple sets of keys, and the vehicle you have rented for the next day may still be in use by another department. 


How do I reserve a vehicle?

To reserve a vehicle, e-mail Sarah Crump at scrump2@washcoll.edu with the following information:

  • Date(s) of the Trip
  • Type of Vehicle (Van/Bus)
  • Number of Vehicles
  • Driver’s Name
  • Time Leaving
  • Time Returning
  • Department Name
  • Destination

Please contact Sarah Crump, the Transportation Secretary, at scrump2@washcoll.edu or 410-778-7838.