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Office of Student Financial Aid

Private Scholarships

We encourage all students to seek private/outside scholarship funds to help reduce the cost of your education, even if you are already receiving financial aid.

What is an Private scholarship? 

Private scholarship money constitutes an award that is not funded by the government or Washington College. Sources can include corporations, nonprofit organizations, civic and professional associations, sports teams and foundations. Many organizations award scholarships regardless of financial need.

Always beware of scholarship scams. A good rule of thumb is: “If you have to pay money to get money, it’s probably a scam.”


Getting Started

Research - start early, search often! Looking for scholarships will take time, but the rewards can be great . Start early and make a commitment to apply for a scholarship at least once a week. To help you in your search we’ve listed several free scholarship services that will match you up with available scholarships based on the criteria you enter (your background, abilities, financial need, academic major, outside interests/hobbies).

Get organized - Start a file for every application and mark the scholarship application deadline on every file. Polish up your resume; if you haven’t done so in a while, update and include all of your activities and accomplishments. Clean up your social media profile or make them private; use social media to your advantage.

Don’t Give Up - Finding scholarships can be as simple as knowing how to search and following up periodically.

Still need help?  Make an appointment with the financial aid office. We can help you with more search tips and strategies. You can reach us at 410-778-7214 or by email at fa_office@washcoll.edu.


How will a private scholarship affect my current financial aid?

If you receive need-based financial aid, a private scholarship will affect your aid if the total of all your aid exceeds your total cost of attendance. You would then be considered to be “over awarded” and your award will be reduced to make room for the outside funds. Whenever possible, the Office of Student Financial Aid will reduce loan and work study awards before reducing grant and scholarship awards.  Please be sure to send any private scholarship checks to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please be sure to include your name and ID number, the award name, amount, and year/term applicable.


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