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Offices & Services

Office of Student Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid works with families to manage the costs of a Washington College education by providing them with financial aid information, services and personal support.

Our responsibilities include the areas of financial aid counseling and awarding, education financing issues, payment plans, and loan repayment.  We are designed to be a resource center for all families of all income levels.

Office of Student Financial Aid Staff

Ms. Doryann Barnhardt, Director

Mr. Cailean D. Leith, Associate Director

Mrs. Natalie B. Story, Associate Director

Ms. Erneatka Webster, Assistant Director

Ms. Jean M. Sucharewicz, Financial Aid Counselor

Ms. Jean Berry Smith, Administrative Assistant


In the News

  • Hard Work Rewarded

    More than 50% of all Washington College students qualify for a merit-based tuition scholarship at the time of their admission to the College.

  • How to Create an FSA ID (formerly the PIN)

    The FSA ID has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN. Students and/or parents can go to the Federal Student Aid’s FAFSA Web site where you’ll be directed to a link to create an FSA ID. You will need an FSA ID to log in to certain U.S. Dept.of Education websites.

  • Contact Us

    You may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid by phone at 410-778-7214, by fax at 410-810-7160

    or by e-mail at fa_office@washcoll.edu.