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Office of Student Financial Aid

Financial Wellness

There is no practice more dangerous than that of borrowing money; for when money can be had in this way, repayment is seldom thought of in time, the interest becomes a loss, exertions to raise it be dent of industry cease,it comes easy and is spent freely, and many things [are] indulged in that would never be thought of if [they were]to be purchased by the sweat of the brow.”          

George Washington

Financial Wellness -Your Journey Starts Here!

We know that dealing with personal finances can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for students just beginning to manage money on their own.  Our intention is to equip you with the information and tools to help you establish some sound financial habits.

Cash Course

Direct Loans on the Web

Interest Rates

Interest Calculator

Loan Servicer Information

Managing Your Money

Mapping Your Future

HURRY!!!  Compete in the CashCourse Championship by March 31 and win a $1,000 prize for Washington College! 

All you need to do is sign up for an account at www.cashcourse.org. Students must enter their name and email address, and choose Washington College during registration.


What do YOU want to do…

Today? Tomorrow? In a few years?

It takes more than money to get what you want out of life. Why? Because hope alone doesn’t make dreams come true. Goals do. Planning ahead will turn your dollars into something you can drive, live or retire in down the track. Start setting your goals today. Remember, when you plan, YOU save!

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