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Student Development

Experience the Chester River

Eastern Shore Style 

Have fun, challenge yourself, and connect to the ecology and history of the Chesapeake Bay alongside your classmates at Echo Hill Outdoor School! Initial ice breakers, interactive field initiatives, and challenging adventure course activities help students get to know each other, build confidence, enhance communication and develop trust with peers. Participants have the opportunity to climb the forty foot Giant’s Ladder, soar down the Zip Line or embark into a team belay system on the giant Swing. The swinger experiences a brief fall and pendulum swing ride. In Adventure III, the Alpine Tower, a triangular “jungle-gym” with hanging elements leading up to a platform over 50’ from the ground, allows climbers of different abilities to challenge themselves and explore their fears. New and challenging events help individuals to discover new things about themselves and each other.

Students spend a full day on one of Echo Hill’s two historic Chesapeake Bay wooden boats: the skipjack Elsworth (1901) and the buyboat Annie D (1957) This trip down the scenic Chester River is designed to be relaxing. It is about getting to know the River and its landscape.  The experience encompasses swimming, fishing, exploring, and piloting the vessels. The Elsworth and Annie D both travel with a wooden bateau—a small boat with an outboard motor—from which students travel ashore to explore the Chester River’s many sandy beaches and marshes.

Students have the chance to fish; crab; use a seine net to catch smaller fish, soft shell crabs, grass shrimp and other creatures; hunt for artifacts; marsh muck; swim and look for fossils. This program is limited to 30 participants, first come, first served.

For more information on the Echo Hill Outdoor School visit www.ehos.org