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Offices & Services

Student Development

What is Student Development? Our office puts together a variety of programs and workshops to educate students about aspects of college life. We also oversee programming like Greek Life, pre-orientation and community service.

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Programming and Education
  • Greek Life
  • Pre-Orientation Programs
  • Community Service
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Education and Response Coordination

The following professionals listed below are currently overseeing the Office of Student Development:

Community Service
Janett Matthews, Student Services Specialist
Email: jmatthews2@washcoll.edu
Phone: 410-778-7752

Sorority Life
Heather Morris, Director of Student Activities
Email: hmorris2@washcoll.edu
Phone:  410-778-7146

Fraternity Life/Title IX Coordination
Darnell Parker, Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs
Email:  dparker2@washcoll.edu
Phone:  410-810-7457

Pre-Orientation Programs
Sarah Feyerherm, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Email:  sfeyerherm2@washcoll.edu
Phone:  410-778-7752

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact Janet Sigler at 410-778-7752.