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Offices & Services

One of the great joys of having children is watching them grow and blossom into happy, purposeful and responsible adults. Washington College provides an ideal environment for your student to do just that. Our foremost attention is to the individual needs and aspirations of our undergraduates.

Offices and Services

Exam Care Packages

Exam Care Package

The Exam Care Package costs $25 to purchase by sending the form with a check to the address supplied.

The Women's League of Washington College sponsors projects to benefit the College and community.

Parents, friends and alumni can give their favorite students a box full of treats to help them through the stress of exams. Several lucky students will receive an extra bonus—$100 gift certificates to the College bookstore.

Print and complete the Exam Care Package Form (PDF) for your student

It is also possible to elect to give an Exam Care Package to a student who would not ordinarily receive one. Just so indicate on the form below that a student of our choosing will receive an Exam Care Package from you. This can be in addition to your own child's package.


Endowed and Expendable Scholarship Funds

Alumni, parents, and friends of the College have generously supported scholarships through endowed and expendable funds. Endowments provide a permanent source of income for the scholarships they support, while expendable sources provide funds on a year-by-year basis.

Who is funding my child's education?

Income from the College's endowed funds and yearly donations to our annual fund, The Washington Fund, support scholarships for Washington College students.

What is an endowed fund and how does it work?

After donors specify a fund name and the criteria for selecting a scholarship recipient, the gifts for their endowed scholarship fund are placed in the College's pooled endowment for the purpose of investment. In any given year, up to 5% of the market value of the scholarship's portion of the endowment pool (based on the last three year's average market value) is available to spend. These investment pooling and spending rate practices are common among institutions of higher learning.

What is The Washington Fund?

The Washington Fund is made up of private donations and must be spent out each year for the College's priority expenditures. Scholarships remain one of the College's most pressing needs.

What does it mean if a student is awarded a named scholarship?

Most of the endowed and expendable scholarships were established in the name of the donor or someone they wished to honor or have remembered.

Are students required to communicate with these donors?

Donors and their successors often have a great interest in the progress of the recipients of their scholarships. If a student is awarded a named scholarship, he or she is required to write a thank-you letter to the donor at least once a year.

Is there anything else recipients are required to do?

Occasionally donors visit campus and would like to meet the recipients of their scholarships. The Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations will arrange for a short meeting or meal for them.

What benefits are these interactions to the students, donors and the College?

Students have a great opportunity to get to know their benefactors and their reasons for supporting a Washington College education. By making the time and effort to express their gratitude each year, students also strengthen a worthwhile practice that can help them throughout their lives.

For their part, donors appreciate seeing their gifts at work and take deep personal satisfaction in the progress of the students they are supporting.

Washington College benefits by confirming to donors that their gifts are being put to their best use. Through this effort we build strong and long-lasting relationships with our alumni and friends. Washington College, as with all private institutions of higher education in the U.S., would not be able to continue without the support of people who believe in the institution and donate to its mission.

Who else will know that my child is a financial aid recipient? Will our privacy be respected?

The Director of Financial Aid and the Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations implement the College's financial aid and donor-communication programs, following strict privacy standards. Over 80% of students at Washington College receive some form of financial aid.

Student Information and Educational Records

At Washington College we strongly encourage students to communicate with their families and keep them informed of their progress. Below are details about what information we make available to students and parents, how we handle and disclose student information and how we facilitate communication between students and their families.


WebAdvisor is the students' online, password protected portal for official College information; it includes students' housing, billing, financial aid and academic information, including their current course schedule and transcript with all final grades. With the student's permission, parents can access their student's WebAdvisor account. To give parents access, students must log in to WebAdvisor and click on "Add/Change Parental Access" under "Miscellaneous Options." When a student enters a parent's email address, the parent gets an email with his or her log in information. Students can change parents' access to WebAdvisor at any time; if your student changes your access, you will get an email telling you so.

All first year students and all students on academic probation or continued academic probation receive interim, or midterm, grades. These grades are posted on WebAdvisor. As part of the interim grading process, students also receive progress reports from professors at their washcoll.edu email address. If you would like to review interim progress reports with your student, ask him or her to show you those emails.

FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)

FERPA protects the privacy of students' educational records and prohibits access to, or release of, educational records or personally identifiable information in such records (other than directory information) without the student's written consent. Without the student's consent the College cannot release any information about a student to anyone except employees of the College who have an educational need to know it. For parents, this means that no one at the College can discuss any element of your student's academic record with you unless the student has given us permission to do so. To give the College permission to release this information, students must log in to WebAdvisor and click on "Information Release Form" under "Information Forms."

It is important to note that a student's permission to release information under FERPA does NOT automatically grant parents access to the student's WebAdvisor account. And a student's granting parents access to WebAdvisor does NOT constitute a FERPA release. The two are independent � a student can authorize a FERPA release but not give parents WebAdvisor access, give parents WebAdvisor access but not authorize a FERPA release, do neither or do both. We suggest you discuss these options with your student and decide together what access he or she will give you.

Directory Information

Directory information is basic information about a student such as name, hometown, dates of attendance, major, athletic team participation, graduation dates, degrees, honors and awards. Under FERPA, the College is authorized to release this information unless the student restricts it. A complete list of what Washington College considers directory information and instructions for restricting release of that information are available on WebAdvisor on the "Directory Information Declaration" under "Information Forms."

Medical Records and Disclosure of Disabilities

Students' medical records, including the medical forms new students must fill out for the College's Health Services, are protected by federal HIPAA regulations and state confidentiality laws. No information disclosed to Health Services will be released to anyone else, including other College offices and personnel, without the student's written permission (release authorizations are available from Health Services). Please note that the Health Service does not honor blanket releases of information to parents as this may keep students from seeking assistance. Release must be specific to an illness or visit.

Health records privacy also means that disclosures of disabilities eligible for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 must be made separately from Health Services to the Director, Office of Academic Skills. For more information on the disclosure of learning disabilities, see the office's Handbook on Leaning Differences (PDF).


The following is a comprehensive list of answers to frequently asked questions which might prove helpful for both parents and students.


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Does Washington College give athletic scholarships?

No. We cannot. NCAA Division III schools cannot give any type of athletically related aid or scholarships.

Do you have to be recruited to play on a varsity team?

No. Coaches have the final say of their roster, and you would have to communicate with the coach and try out for the team, but we do have "walk-ons" and some have been very successful. If you are interested in playing a fall sport and have not been recruited, you should contact the head coach early in the summer for more information.

Can I play more than 1 sport?

Yes. We have quite a few multi-sport athletes. You must a) be able to handle the academic challenges of being "in-season" for many months of the year, and b) be good enough to make the team when you will be missing the non-traditional part of their practices.

Will I be able to combine my academics with my athletic career?

Yes. The responsibility will be yours to handle the challenges of both, but WC is an institution that supports the athletic activities of its student-athletes. Academics will and should always come first, but it is certainly possible and encouraged that students excel at both parts of their college experience.

When do fall athletes return to campus?

Fall athletes will return to campus in mid-August for team meetings and health screenings. Practices begin on Monday, August 19th.

How do I contact a coach during the summer?

Most of our head coaches are 10-month employees but do check their messages often during the summer. If it takes awhile to hear back from a coach in the summer, don't worry! But if you need to speak to someone directly, you can call Susanne Kelly, Athletic Department Office Manager at 410-778-7231.


How often is tuition billed and when is it due?

Tuition is billed 2 times a year, on July 1 and December 1. Payment is due by check-in day or prior to the first day of classes.


How much will books cost?

Anywhere from $300 to $600 dollars, depending on their major.

How can I pay for my books?

Cash, check, Visa/Master Card and school ID

Do you carry used books?

Yes. They are on the top of the stacks if we were able to provided them.

When is the Bookstore open?

Monday - Friday 8:30 to 4:30, Saturdays AFTER school starts 10:30 to 1:30, and the first 2 days of classes until 6:00 pm. Book lines are longest mid-afternoon.

What is your return policy on textbooks?

All textbook returns MUST be accompanied by your receipt. All shrink-wrap and software must be intact. Photocopies are not returnable. The last day to return books is 2 weeks after the last day to drop/add.

Buildings and Grounds

What is the size of my room?

There is no standard size. Buildings and Grounds maintain a list of sizes and will be happy to give you the exact dimensions. You must know your room number as room sizes vary within the same hall. Call (410) 778-7210 and ask for Joe or Whaland.

How do I get a laundry card?

Laundry cards are sold directly by Maytag during the summer. Cards are also sold through a vending machine located in the Student Center.

What is the standard furniture in each room?

A bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser. Rooms without closets contain a wardrobe.

Is there storage available?


Business Office

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Campus Jobs

Are there any jobs on campus or in the local community?

Students often work on campus or in the local community. If you have received work-study funding as part of your financial aid package, the financial aid office will arrange your work placement for you. Most of these placements are in offices on campus, although a few can be in the local community working with non-profit organizations.

If you are not on work-study, there are still many opportunities to work either on or off campus. Many campus offices routinely need people, especially the dining hall and the catering service. Students are encouraged to contact the department(s) where they're interested in working. Offices that usually need student workers include the mailroom, the library, the fitness center, the swim center, the admissions office, and the computing center. In addition, many businesses in the community hire students. Faculty and staff often hire students on an occasional basis as child-care workers or to do yard work. Once on campus, students can also contact the Center for Career Development to be put on the student job hunter e-mail list.

Dining Services

Do I have to be on a Meal Plan?

Yes, all WC students living in campus housing are required to participate in a designated resident student meal plan. There are a variety of meal plan options ranging from a traditional 14 or 19 meal plan to an unlimited dining meal plan. Students have the option of changing their Meal Plan each new semester at registration. Meal plans may be changed up to the drop/add date deadline of each semester. More information about meal plans is available at http://www.dineoncampus.com/wc/?cmd=MealPlans.

If I am a vegetarian, can the WCDS meet my dietary needs?

Yes. The WCDS serves at least 1 vegan (meat free/dairy free) entree for each meal served in the dining room. The WCDS also provides: Soy Milk, Soy Cream Cheese and Soy Margarine Spread in our self-serve "Special Diets" refrigerator, located in the Main Dining Room.

If I have allergies to certain foods, can the WCDS meet my "Special Dietary" needs?

Yes, in most cases. The WCDS works with each student requesting dietary assistance on an individual basis. The WCDS has successfully assisted students with special dietary needs such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, irritable bowl syndrome and hyperglycemia. Students with medical dietary needs are asked to be evaluated by their physician and bring a prescribed diet plan with them to meet with the Meal Plan Supervisor.

The WCDS regularly stocks Lactaid, Soy Milk, Soy Cream Cheese, Soy Margarine Spread and Veggie Cheese Slices in our self-serve "Special Diets" refrigerator.

Financial Aid

My loan is showing as pending. When will the funds arrive?

Loans for first time borrowers arrive after school has been in session for 30 days. All new borrowers must attend a mandatory Entrance Interview before the application can be processed. If Master Promissory Note has not been completed, it can be done at this time.

When do I find out about my work study job?

There will be an orientation meeting the first week of school and Federal Work-Study assignments will be made at that time. Watch your mailbox for time and place of the meeting. Posters will also be placed around campus.

Health and Counseling Services

What happens if I can not schedule an appointment for my physical until after July 1?

Call Health Services and let us know the date of the physical, and then fax or mail it to us as soon as it is completed. Do not mail health forms after Friday, August 9. A copy should be faxed to us at (410) 810-7101, and the original brought to us on check in day.

Will my health insurance cover any medical expenses I might incur in the Chestertown area (such as emergency room visits, lab test, x-rays)?

Check with your individual health plan. It might be necessary to choose a primary care physician in the Chestertown area while you are attending Washington College. For a list of local physicians, please contact Health Services. Also the college offers a health insurance policy for students without insurance coverage, or those whose plans will not cover care in this area. Sign up information was included in your packet from Health Services.

Is there any charge for students being seen in Health Services?

There is not a charge for the visit, but there is a small charge for any prescription medications that are given out. This charge is sent to the business office and is put on each student's monthly bill. For insurance purposes students may request a written prescription, which they must take to a local pharmacy to have filled.

I need periodic allergy shots. Could these be given at the health services?

Yes. Our college R.N., Carol Thornton administers allergy shots. You should bring your allergy serum, along with the doctor's instructions to Health Services. Appointments will be scheduled according to the doctor's instructions.

What immunizations are students required to have and show proof of before attending Washington College?

  1. Two - MMR's (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
  2. The date the primary series of tetanus-diphtheria immunizations were completed, and a tetanus-diphtheria booster within the last 10 years.
  3. Date the primary series of polio immunizations were complete
  4. Meningicoccal Meningitis Vaccine - required by the state of Maryland for all students living on the college campus.
  5. Tuberculosis - PPD - within the last six months with results. All international students are required to have a chest x-ray, and send us a copy of the written report.
  6. Hepatitis B - is highly recommended but not required.

Where is Health Services located and how do I schedule an appointment?

We are located in the Queen Anne Dorm, located across Washington Avenue from the main campus. Our hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. To schedule an appointment, students may call ext. 7261 or stop by. Students are asked not to request appointments through the e-mail system.

What type of counseling services are available for me while attending college?

The counseling department is staffed by psychologists, therapists, a psychiatrist, a Substance Abuse counselor, and social workers.

Who are the Directors of the Health Service and the Counseling Center?

The Health Service is directed by V. Dawn Nordhoff, R.N.; N.P. The Counseling Center is directed by Bonnie M. Fisher, Ph. D.


May new students have single rooms?

Not usually, as there aren't many single rooms in our residence halls, and they normally go to seniors and juniors.

Information Technology

Do I need to bring a computer to Washington College?

Washington College provides its students with access to Windows and Macintosh computers in the Computing Centers, the Library and in the public access locations within residence halls. All members of the ollege community may use these computers. While bringing your own computer to campus is convenient; student who don't own a computer will not be at a disadvantage.

Do I need to purchase software?

Students should purchase Microsoft Office Professional for either their Windows or Macintosh computer.

What if I already own a computer?

If you are planning to bring a computer you already own to college, please check it against our Minimum and Recommended Requirements, and decide if your current computer will meet your needs for the next 3-4 years.

How does the College safeguard the campus from viruses?

The College provides students with access to antivirus software at no charge. We encourage faculty, staff and students to use antivirus software and to update their virus definitions frequently.

What if I still need help?

If you still need assistance or have questions, please contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777 or e-mail helpdesk@washcoll.edu.

Mailroom and Central Services

How do I address a letter to a student at the college?

Student Name
WC Box #____ *
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD 21620-1438

Note: Box # must appear above street address
* Box number provided to student at orientation in June.

Where do I pick up a package?

At Central Services' front counter in the Casey Academic Center. You will be notified by email upon package arrival.

Money and Banking

How much money should I have for spending?

Students can use their student I.D. to charge books and many other items in the campus Bookstore, in the Cove (snackbar), and Campus Center (food and beverage services). These charges will be added to their student bill and be sent home for payment. Aside from this ability to charge on campus, the amount of money varies from student-to-student and depends on your family's budget and what you and your parents deem necessary for spending on personal items.

Local Area Banks

PNC Bank
ATM and ATM on campus
803 Washington Ave

Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company
245 High Street
(410) 778-1600

SunTrust Bank
Morgnec Road & Washington Ave. HONOR, ATM and checkcards
(410) 778-0513

Peoples Bank of Kent County
High & Spring Sts. PLUS, ATM, and checkcards
(410) 778-3500

501 Washington Ave. ATM, and checkcards
(410) 778-2900

Washington Square
899 Washington Avenue - Chestertown, MD 21620
(410) 810-0591

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