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Library & Academic Technology

Learning Spaces

Teaching and learning take place in a world that’s increasingly untethered by the limits of time and space.  

Academic Computing and Support Services is responsible for maintaining and supporting the classrooms throughout Washington College. 

Academic Computing and Support Services has three specialized learning and production spaces, which are designed to work in unison.

  • Beck Multimedia & Technology Learning Center

    Beck lab is a closed (scheduled) technology infused lab, transformable to your technology learning needs.  Faculty members can contact Nancy Cross if they are interested in utilizing this space.

    Beck Lab is often the first exposure students have to OIT’s Technology Learning and Production spaces.

  • Multimedia Production Center

    The MPC is an open lab, where campus users can work on their multimedia projects at their own pace.  Student Consultants are always available to assist if you get stuck along the way.  Campus users can also borrow video, photo, and audio equipment for academic or personal projects.

    After working with faulty and staff in the Beck Lab, students often spend countless hours working and reworking their project here.  The MPC is also used as a meeting space for student groups that have a multimedia focus.  

    Users can contact Brian Palmer to discuss programming opportunities and general lab questions, Eric Broussard to discuss lab equipment and loaner pool questions, and Corey Holland to discuss student staffing and scheduling questions.

  • Sound Studio

    The Sound Studio is an acoustically treated 9’x9’ facility located in the Multimedia Production Center.  Students most often find the lab useful for recoding voiceover audio for their multimedia projects.

    The Sound Studio brings a higher level of professionalism to your multimedia project.  With video production, it is often said that audio comprises 50% of your project.  For this particular purpose, it is the best space on campus.