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What is assessment and why do we do it?

At Washington College we are committed to giving every student big opportunities for intellectual growth and widened career prospects. But how can we be sure that we deliver on this commitment? Because we engage in ongoing and rigorous assessment. Assessment is the process of collecting, analyzing and using information to increase student learning. We assess our programs to be sure that we have clearly defined goals and that students are achieving those goals. 

Assessment is required for accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, but we aspire to an even more rigorous standard. We assess our academic programs and resources to ensure that a Washington College education is of the highest quality.

How does the College assess learning?

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA)

These annual reports allow departments to outline measurable objectives, describe how assessment data are captured, and present student learning outcomes data. 

Department Program Assessment and Planning (DPAP)

These triennial reports give departments the opportunity to examine enrollment change, curricular offerings, and changes in their fields.

October, 2013 Chairs Workshop
November, 2013 Chairs Meeting
Provost Office New Approach to Departmental Assessment

How do other colleges and universities do assessment?

The links below are examples from some of the most informative sites of other colleges and universities. They may provide useful ideas about the collection of assessment data, data analysis, and decision-making based on results.

The University of Delaware

The University of Washington

Gettysburg College

Georgetown University